Just A Poet ( G.T.P )

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During Hip-Hops constant evolution, there is the continuing emergence of the exceptional emcee. Knowledgable, influential, both inspired and inspiring, versatile, masterfully skilled and commands the attention of all that listen. Characteristics that allow these individuals to create historic statements to their ability and their ability to manipulate words to the purpose of their choosing. There can be no better fitting description for Ghetto Transcends Potential (G.T.P.) emcee, Just A Poet. Able to effortlessly construct lyrical lectures consisting of a myriad of conceptual creations; from the rawness of the braggadoccio rhymes to the depth of concious observations spreading priceless views that only few can come close to rivaling. Honing skills and perfecting his craft throughout the years, Just A Poet has solidified his position as worthy to claim the title of "Emcee"