John Mega ( G.T.P )


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John Mega is a top notch emcee in the group Ghetto Transcends Potential. Along with being in "G.T.P" John is also involved in various community projects designed to help the inner city youth reach their full potential. One of these projects is the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective which he is a founding member of. This Collective was designed to create a safe environment for youth to learn and be mentored in order to help them receive the necessary skills to strive and become productive in life. A veteran of the New York open mic circuit, John was tired of the politics as usual at most of these shows and decided to do something about it. John decided to create an open mic series and is the co-founder of “Boogie Mics” which is currently the Bronx’s only open mic series. The thing that separates “Boogie Mics” from other open mics is that the artist get to perform two songs instead of the usual one song. Another major difference between “Boogie Mics” and other open mics is that it is open to all ages. This show helps young aspiring artist sharpen their stage performance and prepares them for a career in the music industry. John not only talks the talk about community service, he walks the walk and builds bridges for the younger generation to cross with his carpentry skills.