DJ BooshWheelz ( G.T.P )


tah Just Ron BooshWheelz


New York City underground mixologist DJ BooshWheelz causes asses to shake and feet to shuffle all over the globe! Renowned for his expertise of spinning New York City-style Deep/Soulful House Music, DJ BooshWheelz is a sure bet to crank the party well beyond the average two stepping and head nods. He notoriously known to come out of the DJ booth and dance with the crowd in between blending tunes. This man is built for party sweat and soul. DJ BooshWheelz is far from limited to amazing House Music sets; he spins 90 Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Break beat sets to die for! During his residency at “A Monthly Bondfire” at the famous Bowery Poetry Club in New York City, DJ BooshWheelz was recruited as the official DJ for the Legendary Hip Hop crew Ghetto Transcends Potential (GTP). Together with GTP, DJ BooshWheelz has been transforming the minds of Hip Hop fans on stages all over the planet since 2010. DJ BooshWheelz’ career continues to grow as he has launched his incredibly successful New York City underground House Music dance party simply called “tastic”.