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G.T.P wants to thank everyone for all of the support you have given us for our EP Release! The Show was Amazing and we are turly humbled by the support. Staytuned for more shows!

#KeepItMoving #WhoNeedsTheRadio!

"Ghetto Transcends Potential (G.T.P)"
To the G.T.P crew: Generations of art that captured cultures in its purist form inadequately educates unless on a continuum. Music genres that stimulate young souls but keeps them locked into mindless nostalgia is an exercise in futility. The living social consciousness evoked by GTP: artist, educators, musicians, and mentors, continue to scream "Listen...just listen". Indelibly disturbing the stagnation of those locked in conformity, unknowingly guarding their safe-fail position. Thanks for jarring my senses, moving me to spew images that cannot possibly convey all that you bring to yet another generation through the arts...but let me try: "Ghetto Transcends Potential" is insightful, edgy, emotive, political, creative, thought provoking, gut wrenching, rhythmic, poetic, erudite and yes...soulful.

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